Mr. Hamad Ali Saud Al Sagri

Mr. Hamad Ali Saud Al Sagri is a self-made prominent business icon in Saudi Arabia; he has started at a very early age his business ventures. His sincerity, astuteness and humility opened the doors for him to establish successful businesses in many countries around the world.


His successful endeavors to bring many transnational groups & expertise to Saudi Arabia have been well recognized by the major local institutions; and have resulted in prosperous business ventures.

Message From Chairman

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 continues to remain the beacon of prosperity and progress; providing what can be achieved through a strategic vision, boundless enthusiasm, and irreplaceable determination. This highly inspirational and uncompromising approach has transformed our country into one of the most appealing business destinations, worldwide. The prospects also create a myriad of opportunities for organizations to play their part in amplifying the growth at an unprecedented rate. Aligning with these aspects, Hamad Al Sagri Holding (HsH) has capitalized on to become one among the leading independent family business groups, while continuing to possess a leading corporate presence, across the globe.

We truly believe that innovation and technology will remain the chief facilitators of success over the upcoming years. Thus, in order to challenge pre-existent norms, we will make sure to focus on building a renewed identity and dedicate the group to deliver the best performance, in every aspect.

Holding immense pride in the fact that our enriched history is intricately woven with accomplishments and successful endeavors, we will strive for excellence, throughout. Hence, with these fundamental principles in mind, the HsH Group will continue fueling the rich legacy forward by establishing new standards of achievements, and stay true and credible to its collective vision. This vision has been graciously supported by prominent and intuitive leaders of Saudi Arabia and a network of partnerships.

Extending our heartiest gratitude, we continue accelerating the HsH’s name forward, by upholding our standards to the highest prestige. On this account, we cordially invite you all to be a part of our success and share our accomplishments, with a commitment towards delivering excellence.”


Mr. Ali Al Sagri

With a well-diversified product range and customers across the GCC, Middle East, Asia, Far East, and Africa, Saudi Tech Lube Oil Plant (STLOP), continues to endeavor towards excellence.

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