Marine Lubricants

Marine lubrication involves lubrication for Main Engines, Auxiliary Engines and also includes ancillary grade oils like compressor oils, hydraulic oils, grease, and gear oils. In terms of marine lubricants and greases, STLOP’s products are specially designed to enable the vessel’s efficient, affordable, and continued performance. Besides, they also adhere to the growing safety and ecological standards.

Since lesser friction results in smoother vehicle performance, STLOP’s products are suitably designed to deliver excellent lubrication. Also, they cater to all kinds of automotive gasoline and diesels engines, and cover both multigrade and monograde engine oil. They are used for a vast range of light and heavy duty commercial vehicles and passenger automobile engines that need high-performance lubricants.Formulated and blended with high-quality base oils, and latest additive technology, our marine lubricants follow the most recent international standards, for their improved applications in stationary and marine diesel engines. STLOP delivers a diverse range of highly-refined marine engine lubricants for vessels operating even under the most adverse conditions. Our research facilities thoroughly research new formulations and develop innovative solutions, to deliver the best results. Moreover, we also strive to enhance the existing end-to-end solutions that impeccably adhere to OEM’s standards and regulations. You can undoubtedly rely on us for the latest advice and guidance, with respect to the most-relevant lubrication methods, as well.

With a well-diversified product range and customers across the GCC, Middle East, Asia, Far East, and Africa, Saudi Tech Lube Oil Plant (STLOP), continues to endeavor towards excellence.

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