Our Plants

Lubricant Plant

To ensure seamless production, supply and service, STLOP established its own state-of-the-art plant designed by Leroux & Lotz, France. It features a fully automated blending facility utilizing Simultaneous Metering Blending (SMB) coupled to a Drum Decanting Unit (DDU). The manufacturing process is a dual flexible system using both SMB and conventional automated Kettles.

Advantages of SMB:

After blending the product is filtered with micron filters and transferred to intermediate holding tanks. The Plant is equipped with 2 nos. 12 nozzle in line KWT Automatic filling machine for small packs, 1 nos. pail filling line and 1 nos. drum filling line thus being capable of filling all kinds of packaging required by our esteemed customers.

Base Oils are stored in 6 tanks connected via PLC to our blending system. There are 3 bulk additive tanks which are used for storing additives for fast moving lubricants .

There are 2 VI solubilizing kettles to ensure adequate VII availability at all times. Heating is provided for the VII kettles, tanks and blending systems by a BONO hot oil system.

To efficiently use the SMB, the plant is also equipped with 2 nos. drum heating ovens and 1 nos. DDU (Drum Decanting Unit). There are 2 nos. additive premixing tanks and 3 nos. finishing agitator kettles along-with 1 buffer kettle. It also has 14 nos. intermediate holding tanks to store finished products.

Grease Plant:

Grease manufacturing in STLOP is based on Stratco auto contactor, autoclaves and kettles.

The Advantages Of Stratco’s Grease Process

The manufacturing facility has 1 nos. Stratco contactor, 1 no. pressurized autoclave, 5 nos. finishing kettles and 1 extra finishing kettle for black greases. It is supplemented by 2 sets of deaerators and colloid mills. Heating is provided by 2 nos. BONO heaters and cooling through 1 no. chiller.

The Base Oil tanks are common with the Lubricant Plant. There are 2 nos. drum filling lines, 1 nos. metal filling line plus 1 no. small plastic pack filling line giving the plant an ability to fill any desired packaging for its client base.

The Grease plant can manufacture Lithium, Lithium-Calcium, Calcium and Clay based greases including variants i.e.  EP, Complex, Moly/Graphite infused.

After manufacturing the product is finished in deaerators and colloid mill prior to filling through micron filters. The plant is capable of filling various packs like 400 gm cartridge, ½ Kg, 1 Kg, 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 15 Kg and 175/180/182 Kg.