Automotive Lubricants


Automotive Lubricants

Without sufficient lubrication, an automobile’s engine would be subjected to overheating and rapid seizing. Lubricants help resolve this issue, and when used correctly and properly maintained & monitored, they can significantly extend your engine’s life cycle. Automotive lubricants are also useful in minimizing the friction between surfaces in contact, in order to reduce the energy loss generated.


Since lesser friction results in smoother vehicle performance, STLOP’s products are specially designed to deliver excellent lubrication. We cater to all kinds of automotive gasoline and diesels engines, and cover both multigrade and monograde engine oil. They are used for a vast range of light and heavy duty commercial vehicles and passenger automobile engines that need high-performance lubricants.

The lubricants are also specially blended to fulfill the performance needs required by the latest vehicle models. Since our automotive lubricants align with the performance delivery of the majority of Japanese, Korean, American, and European automobile manufacturers, it is the best choice for your vehicle.


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