The Group

Hamad Al Sagri Holding is a well-reputed and recognized Saudi commercial house based in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group’s key operations include Health & Fitness Chain, Global Real Estate investment and development and manufacturing & marketing of lubricant and grease.

The group is highly professional when dealing with customers, and provides tailor-made services and products for businesses, residential spaces, and lubricants. It also caters to client needs by aligning with new client patterns, digitization, and innovative solutions.

The Group holds substantial experience in real estate development across numerous parts of the world. These include the United Kingdom, North America, and France, in addition to major investments in central Riyadh, as well as extensive luxury residential holdings in Mecca, Jeddah, and Medina, in Saudi Arabia. The group’s state-of-the-art lubricant and grease plant, is set to denote the beginning of environmentally friendly production of lubricants and grease.

Mr. Hamad Ali Saud Al Sagri is a self-made and prominent business icon in Saudi Arabia.

He, who principally envisioned the prospective future of the Saudi Technology Lube Oil Plant (STLOP), began his business ventures at a very early age. His sincerity, humility, and resilience, enabled him to establish several successful businesses in numerous countries, across the globe.

Mr. Hamad Ali Saud Al Sagri, has been the chairman of Hamad Ali Al Sagri Holding since 2003. He is also the Managing Director, Vice Chairman, and a major shareholder of Leejam Sports Company.

With a well-diversified product range and customers across the GCC, Middle East, Asia, Far East, and Africa, Saudi Tech Lube Oil Plant (STLOP), continues to endeavor towards excellence.

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